English Training


of the Rector of National University of Public Service

for PhD courses and individual preparation


Dear Applicants,


The Rector invites calls for applications for admission to the PhD Programmes of the National University of Public Service. The university offers PhD programmes to graduate students wishing to earn the highest academic degree and to individuals who have research ambitions in the academic field of political science, particularly in public administration, security and defence studies, military sciences, and law enforcement. These programmes provide students with a great opportunity to begin a research and teaching academic career, thus becoming a successful member of the academic community.


NUPS is entitled to offer PhD programmes pursuant to Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education and on the basis of the qualification of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee.


In the first two years (education and research period), students take compulsory core courses. After the first two years, their progress is evaluated by a comprehensive exam that will allow the university to decide whether the student should be permitted to continue their doctoral studies and whether they are likely to finish the programme. The second two years (research and dissertation writing period) focus on doctoral research and the writing of the thesis. After finishing this period, the PhD student has one year to submit the dissertation. The PhD programme is also open to those who study independently to meet the requirements of the admission and graduation process. In this case, student’s are admitted on passing a comprehensive exam.


The NUPS possesses independent doctoral schools in four academic fields: military sciences, military engineering sciences, law enforcement, and public administration sciences. The goals, documents and essential data on professors, students and PhD candidates of the Doctoral School of Military Science, Doctoral School of Military Engineering, Doctoral School of Police Sciences and Law Enforcement, and the Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences are available at the National Doctoral Council’s website (http://www.doktori.hu).


Dear Applicants,


We appreciate your decision to apply to our PhD programme. We wish you a successful admission, outstanding scientific achievements and great success in your PhD studies!


Application Guide for Doctoral (PhD) Courses
Research Topics of The Doctoral School of Military Engineering For The Year 2020-2021





Operating Rules of The Doctoral School of Military Engineering;
Training Programme of The Doctoral School of Military Engineering;
Review Guide for Doctoral Dissertations;
Academic and Examination Regulations of The Doctoral School of Military Engineering;
Order of Opearation of The Doctoral Council of The Discipline.


Documents and application forms



Application Form for Doctoral Training;
Applying for a Doctoral Degree Procedure;
Publication Score Table;
Application Form;
Credits to Obtain for Scientific Activities;
Previous Scientific Activity Recognition Request;
Four-Year Individual Study and Research Programme;
Semester Study and Research Plan;
Credit Report;
Absolutorium Request;
Co-Authorshop Declaration;
Application for The Comrehensive Examination;
Minutes of the Comprehensive Examination;
Approval Request for Preliminary Defence;
Minutes of the Preliminary Defence;