The main activity of the Department of Military Maintenance is training logistics officers for the Hungarian Defence Forces on the weapon system and vehicle techology modules.

This task is carried out in cooperation with the following faculty groups: Faculty of Weapon Technology, Faculty of Armor and Vehicle Technology and Faculty of Safety Technology.

Our department uses four classrooms specialized on vehicle technology (classroom for cumbustion engines, classroom for vehicle diagnostics, classroom for armor and vehicle technology, classroom for vehicle driveline), one classroom specialized for weapon systems (weapon storage, lecture room, workshop) and four laboratories (CAD lab, IT lab, cutting lab, material examination lab) for the theoretical and hands-on trainings. The education aims at training maintenance platoon commanders.


Our students start their studies specialized in Military Logistics (Bsc), where the training period is eight semesters. During the fifth semester they are required to select their field, which can be Military Transportation, Supply or  Military maintenance - the latter provided by our department and divided into the two modules mentioned above, Weapon Technology and Armor and Vehicle Technology.

After graduatoin our students receive a bachelor degree (Bsc) in Military Logistics Management (specialized in military maintenance).

More information about the training can be found after selecting the opion „Education”.


LtCol Dr. habil. Ing. József Gyarmati

head of department