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Human Security Conference in Taiwan

The PhD Student of the Department, Luna Shamieh attended the First Asian Human Security Conference which was arrenged by the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), the Institute of Development and Human Security (Ewha Womans University, Korea) and the Osaka School of International Public Policy. The event was held on 5-6 May 2016 and hosted by the Chinese Overseas University in Taichung, Taiwan. The conference is part of the Human Security Program (HSP) of APISA. HSP aims at promoting awareness about human-security related issues in Asia and consists of a series of academic conferences organized by APISA in cooperation with its global partners. More information available under

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Luna Shamieh participated in the conference and presented her paper about the “The Impact of Counterinsurgency on Human Security” which was welcomed very well. It will be publish in the conference paper.

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Field Study in the Middle East

Before the Conference Luna Shamieh participated in a three week long field visit (18 April- 29 April) to help measure human security of refugees in areas of conflict. Ms. Shamieh has visited Southern Turkey on the Syrian borders, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. During her trip she was able to visit several refugee camps for refugees and internally displaced person (IDPs). Furthermore, she was able to meet public officials who gave an overview of the local policies regarding refugees and conflict management. She was also able to meet different UN agencies operating in the four countries, which gave a clear picture how humanitarian interventions are addressing human security of refugees.

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Luna Shamieh, a PhD student of Military Science School, associated with the Department for International Security Studies, and researching the Impact of Military Operations on Human Security under supervising Prof Zoltán Szenes. Her study trip was supported by the UN Office in Vienna.

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